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Bread and Sandwich Knives

Bread and Sandwich Knives

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Sandwich and Bread Knives

Evenly cut the bread with no waste produced with a professional-grade bread knife

Get the best bread knives to serve a perfectly cut bread! Breads are baked uniquely. A few of them have an airy and soft texture, while others have a tough, crusty layer. Cut them effortlessly using the right type of bread knives. We have a huge selection of bread and sandwich knives that are expertly forged using high-carbon stainless steel. This is a durable type of metal that is assured to last for long years. It also can maintain its sharpness longer. Most of them are processed to possesses strong resistance to discolorations, corrosions, and stains.

The sandwich knife’s blade comes with a variety of designs. The standard blade design is long and fashioned with a serrated edge and a curved tip. These bread knives are ideal to use for loaves with a hard exterior and soft interior. Other sandwich knives have a curved cutting edge. This blade design is versatile to cut any bread without touching the cutting board. The length of the blade varies on its function. But typically, they range between 5 to 12 inches.

All the sandwiches and bread knives we carry are built with an ergonomic handle. They are commonly made from high-quality polypropylene, metal, and other food-safe plastics. To guarantee safe handling, a few of the sandwich knives feature a non-slip grip and finger guard to protect the staff from accidental injuries. To know more about our offers, browse our catalog now!