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Chef, Cook & Server Apparel

Chef, Cook & Server Apparel

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Server and Chef Apparel

A sharp and neat chef's clothing makes the chef and cooks comfortable while performing their tasks

Keep chefs and kitchen staff look well-coordinated and clean with our line of chef clothing! We offer a huge selection of server and chef apparel made for both men and women. They come in different sizes to accommodate all body builds. Colors are often added for various purposes. A few brands we supply add it to simply make it more decorative and appealing. But there are also some that add colors to instantly determine each staff’s function. Our collection includes the server and chef coats, pants, and headwear. They are popularly made of cotton and polyester. Cotton is a soft, durable, and hypoallergenic linen capable of holding moisture much longer. While the polyester offers more strength to withstand cuts, shrink, wrinkle, and stains.

Our chef coats are designed to effectively absorb moisture to keep the chefs dry as they work in a warm or hot kitchen. Typically, they are fashioned with a single or double-breasted front, solid or mesh back, and a pair of sleeves. The sleeves come in different lengths for maximum versatility – short, 3/4, and long. The short and 3/4 sleeves are perfect for working in hot kitchens and in performing various food preparation tasks. While the long sleeves are ideal for carrying hot pots or pouring boiling liquids. They assure to protect the chef’s skin from burn-related injuries. The chef pants, on the other hand, are sewn with an elastic waistband, baggy pan legs, zipper, and pockets. The baggy design is intended to prevent restricting the chef’s movements.

We also carry server and chef headwear such as hats and caps. These headwear are made adjustable to make them fit perfectly regardless of the head’s sizes. These are only a few of the server and chef apparel we offer. To learn more about our offerings, check out our catalog now!