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Chafers, Chafer Accessories and Chafing Dishes

Chafers, Chafer Accessories and Chafing Dishes

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Chafer, Chafing Dish, and Accessories

Setup the food serving lines with a complete set of stylish chafers

The food’s great taste and appearance are important to increase impulse sales. The chafing equipment can make that happen! Chafers are expertly built to maintain all the delectable dishes hot or warm. They can consistently deliver this because each chafing equipment is engineered to operate with fuel, electricity, or induction. The fuel is placed on a small canister and positioned under the water pan. This is mostly ideal for indoor use. If planning to use it for an outdoor setting, a wind guard must be added. The electric and induction chafer is the safest option because they don’t generate an open flame. They are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use as long as it has a nearby outlet.

The chafing dish available in our catalog come in three sizes: half, 2/3, and full. All are shaped with basic geometric shapes. For the finishing touch, they are coated with attractive finishes to make them attractive and easy to blend on all event’s themes and décors. The mirror finish gives the chafing dish a glossy and reflective look. Its smooth surface makes it easier to wipe off smudges and dirt. The satin finish also possesses a smooth surface but without the metallic, reflective gloss. The beauty of the chafing dish is undeniably an advantage. But it can also serve as a distraction for the guests. Direct their attention to the delectable dishes by getting the chafing dish with a matte finish.

Serve freshly brewed coffee using our high-end chafer coffee urns. Just like the other chafing equipment, it is built of stainless steel and formed with a circular body. It is mostly polished with a hammered finish and a few gold- or copper-trimmed accents on the legs and handles for added decorative touch. Dispensing the coffee is made simple because it is equipped with a drip-free spigot. For a fast and easy refill, it features a top-loading design. The lid is included. The chafer coffee urn can store up to 6 gallons. They are also powered either with fuel or electricity. This type of chafing equipment is mostly safe to wash in a commercial dishwasher.

These are only a few of the chafers, chafing dishes, and accessories we carry. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection!

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