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Chafing Dishes

Chafing Dishes

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Chafing Dishes

Complete the buffet table set up with stylish sets of chafing dishes

The chafing dishes are designed with a safe and portable heating method that allows them to maintain the food’s quality at their best. We carry a huge selection of professional chafing dishes that are perfect to use for indoor and outdoor event settings. They usually feature all-metal construction and completed with a chafer cover, food pan, water pan, stand, and heating element. All these components’ sizes and shapes match the chafing dishes. Round and rectangular are the standard shapes available for the chafer. The round-shaped chafing dish is formed with a deep interior which is perfect for holding sauces, soups, and alike. While the rectangular chafing dish is perfect for holding the main entrées. With its length, two chafer fuels are required to be lit. We also carry other shapes such as oval, oblong, and square.

Visual appearance is important in food presentation. The chafing dishes will never disappoint because they all feature a stylish and professional look. The stainless steel, on its own, display a modern, metallic appearance. But this is further improved by coating them with special finishes. The standard reflective and glossy style is achieved by getting the chafing dish with a mirror finish. But if you’re looking for a lavish and intimate style, the hammered finish is the most ideal. This finish adds copper or gold color to the mix to further improve its appearance. Other finishes available are determined by the brand.

The chafing dishes available in our catalog can accommodate the following sizes of food pans: half, 2/3, full, and Gastronorm sizes. The latter size is provided to ensure it can easily fit on a commercial oven or refrigerator. Chafer fuel, electric, and induction are the power types that can be included per chafer. Get to know them all by visiting our catalog now! We also offer compatible parts and accessories for various brand models.

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