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Wok Burner and Wok Range

Wok Burner and Wok Range

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Wok Burners and Wok Ranges

Support woks properly with reliable wok ranges and wok burners

A wok range unit offers proper and secure holding of wok for safe and efficient cooking operations! Commonly designed with rounded bottoms, woks require less oil and cook food in a short amount of time. This results in healthier dishes and increased productivity in the kitchen. For proper and secure wok operations, a wok range is essential to any restaurant or foodservice establishment. We have a selection of commercial wok ranges and wok burners with various sizes to accommodate different kitchen needs.

Multiple wok burner models are best for large restaurants with high-production demands or those that specialize in wok dishes. They allow simultaneous cooking for enhanced efficiency. On the other hand, single wok burner models are recommended for smaller foodservice operations. They are also ideally used as additional units.

Commercial wok ranges are available in different styles as well. Countertop wok ranges conserve spaces and are ideal in kitchens with limited spaces. Drop-in commercial wok burners provide the same advantage with the addition of presenting a seamless, integrated design with the countertop. Meanwhile, freestanding commercial wok ranges offer higher BTU outputs for heavy-duty cooking. We also have induction wok burners for restaurants that do display cooking.

Create delicious stir fry dishes properly and safely with a commercial wok range! Check our catalog for our complete offerings of work ranges and wok burners.