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Teppanyaki Griddle

Teppanyaki Griddle

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Teppanyaki Griddles

Treat the valuable patrons with succulent seafood and fresh vegetables grilled on a Japanese-style griddle

Equip the establishment with a heavy-duty set of Teppanyaki griddles to bring out the authentic flavor of the ingredients! We have an extensive selection of Teppanyaki commercial griddles that come with different unit styles, power types, and controls. There are two styles available for the griddle – countertop and drop-in. Both model units are space-efficient, their only difference is the placement method. The countertop griddles can conveniently sit on any counters or worktable. It comes with a set of sturdy legs for stability and a grease trough for easy cleanup. Back and side splashes may be included to minimize the messes and spillages. While the drop-in griddles are flush-mounted on the countertop for a sleek and uniform look. This is the type of Teppanyaki griddle used in front-of-the-house cooking areas.

The Teppanyaki griddles are engineered for gas and electric operation. The gas griddles can be fired up using a natural gas or liquid propane. No matter what fuel type to get, this type of commercial griddle guarantee to produce high BTU output. The electric griddle we supply is available with a variety of voltage and wattage ratings. Connect them to their dedicated power receptacle and be assured they will seamlessly deliver excellent results.

Adjusting the temperature of the Teppanyaki griddle is made easy because each is equipped with manual or thermostatic control. These are only a few of the many incredible features included in our catalog. Browse it now and find the best Teppanyaki griddle tailored-fit to the operation’s needs!