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Stock Pot Range and Burner

Stock Pot Range and Burner

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Stock Pot Ranges and Stock Pot Burners

Increase output in no time with a stock pot range and burner

Cook large capacity stock pots with high heat output commercial ranges and burners! A stock pot range can provide high-service demand restaurants with all the help they need. It features burner grates that are larger than those of standard commercial ranges. This is because it is designed to accommodate commercial stock pots with large capacities of up to 100 quarts. It commonly presents a rugged construction with durable legs to support heavy stock pot loads. It also generally has a small built, but it offers high BTU output to cook large amounts of liquid in no time. It is best used for cooking broths and sauces. It is also ideal for boiling pasta.

Our selection offers stock pot ranges with one to two burners. Most, if not all, double stock pot burner units have separate heat controls for simultaneous cooking. There are units ready for induction as well. Induction-ready stock pot ranges are ideal for restaurants or catered events that do display cooking. Increase output and productivity in the kitchen with a stock pot burner! Browse through our catalog to see our complete selection of restaurant ranges for large and heavy-capacity stock pots.