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Portable Gas Range

Portable Gas Range

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Portable Gas Ranges

Make deliciously cooked food anywhere with our portable gas ranges

The portable gas ranges are versatile cooking equipment perfect for outdoor events and dining setting! The advantage of portable gas ranges among other types of commercial ranges is that they can be freely transported and used anytime and anywhere for as long as power and ventilation requirements are met. They are convenient to use as they can be installed on any stable and leveled countertops. These portable gas stoves are more recommendable than electric ranges because they allow the users to set their desired temperature at an exact and accurate level.

We have a full line of portable gas ranges that can suit the needs of the food service establishments. Our portable butane burners are the perfect piece of commercial range to use in outdoor and indoor cooking. From the name itself, it is powered by butane fuels. Since butane produces both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, ample ventilation is required especially when used indoors. They come in a variety of sizes that can surely fit the space that the cooking areas provide.

We also carry portable gas stoves with different numbers of burners. As standard, they are durably constructed of stainless steel or aluminum material for long-lasting use. Other materials used are determined by the manufacturer. To learn more about our selection of portable gas ranges and other related offerings, browse our catalog now!