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Gas Fittings and Component

Gas Fittings and Component

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Gas Fittings and Components

Safeguard gas-powered cooking equipment from wear and tear by installing their authorized gas fittings and components

For commercial gas cooking equipment that are conducive to safe and efficient operations, we offer our top-quality gas components, fittings, and accessories! Gas cooking equipment is just as popular among commercial establishments as electric cooking equipment. One of the greatest advantages of gas cooking units is that they can be used outdoors. Their two basic options, natural gas and liquid propane gas variants, are also easy to procure. This is why it pays to invest in plenty of gas equipment and their corresponding fittings and accessories.

Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most extensive collection of gas equipment accessories, gas components, and gas fittings. All these components are tried and tested for safety and effectiveness. Each product is also designed to complement various brands of gas cooking equipment. We have a wide array of hose installation kits and conversion kits. In case cooking equipment ordered comes as a natural gas standard, our liquid propane gas conversion kits will allow operators to easily convert units to a propane variant.

Restraining cables keep cooking appliances from being pulled away from the wall. They ensure that gas lines remain where they should be and are not stretched out too thin. Swivel connectors, also known as pivoting gas connectors, allow for the enhanced mobility of cooking units and prevent gas lines from tearing. From heavy-duty metal couplings and valves to highly ergonomic quick disconnects, we carry everything that the commercial kitchen could possibly require!

Browse our catalog now and work with ease amidst a workplace surrounded by gas cooking units!