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Gas Connectors and Gas Hose

Gas Connectors and Gas Hose

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Gas Connectors and Gas Hoses

Safely connect the cooking equipment to the gas supply line using their proper connectors

A gas leak can risk the health and safety of the staff and customers. Not to mention, the damage it can cause to the kitchen equipment. Create a strong bond between the equipment and its dedicated gas supply line with the help of its gas connectors and hoses! We have an extensive selection of gas hoses and connectors that are made of an assortment of high-quality materials. All these materials are heavy-duty to meet the applicable gas codes and at the same time, withstand the rigors of commercial use. They also come in a variety of sizes and types. Since most of the cooking equipment available is built with stationary and mobile units, the gas connectors and hoses are built to meet the units’ needs. All these components are offered in kits to assure proper installation.

There are two types of gas supplies used in commercial kitchens – natural and propane gas. For this reason, we carry connectors and hoses dedicated to each fuel type. The length of the natural gas and propane hoses ranges from 12 inches to 72 inches. While the natural gas and propane connectors can come with various components to guarantee the proper connection of the hose to the gas line and cooking equipment. The exact components included are determined by the manufacturer.

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