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Crepe Maker Accessories

Crepe Maker Accessories

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Crepe Maker Accessories

Make perfectly cooked crepes from scratch using the proper set of crepe maker accessories

To serve consistently thin and delicious crepes, make sure to stock up handy and reliable crepe maker accessories! Crepes wouldn’t be produced at their best quality without the help of crepe maker accessories. Make sure to only get the correct set of accessories to effectively reduce the preparation and cooking time. No need to look elsewhere! Here at Culinary Depot, we carry a wide range of add-on accessories for various types and sizes of commercial crepe machines. All these accessories are designed to meet the low- and high-volume needs of the operations.

Since crepes have delicate consistencies, they require specific crepe making tools that can consistently achieve a smooth finish. A few of these accessories are the spreaders and spatulas. From the name itself, the spreaders are used to evenly spread the batter on the crepe maker. They are often made of durable stainless steel and designed with a T-squared shape.

The spatulas, on the other hand, are made to easily remove the crepes out of the cooking surface without ruining its shape and form. They normally display straight blades made of stainless steel. For a comfortable and safe grip, the blade is paired with plastic, shock-resistant handles. All these crepe making tools do not only help in making crepes properly but also make the preparation process easier. Thus crepes are served immediately, leaving the guests impressed with the quality of service.

Our selection has more crepe maker accessories to offer. Check our catalog now and see our complete selection!