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Griddle Parts and Accessories

Griddle Parts and Accessories

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Commercial Griddle Accessories and Parts

Ensure long life and superior functionality for the griddle units with our top-quality service parts and accessories

Keep electric or gas griddles in excellent working condition by adding functional accessories! Griddles are crucial to the success of plenty of food service establishments. They have perfectly level, spacious cooking surfaces that accommodate different kinds of food all at once. They are also known for generating quick, evenly distributed heat. Commercial griddles that are unable to do these or yield subpar results may be indicative of worn-out parts and components.

Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most extensive collection of griddle parts and accessories. From highly intuitive actuators to fixtures like shelves, rails, and equipment stands, we carry everything that the commercial kitchen could need. Each part or component is engineered to work on either electric or gas griddles. We also offer a wide array of mechanical and electronic components designed to work for electric griddles of different voltages.

Complete the set-up of gas griddles by adding all the needed gas components such as connectors, valves, and hoses. Each of these components is designed to operate for natural gas and liquid propane gas variants. To ensure that the griddles are always generating excellent heat, we showcase the most powerful heating elements and burners. Durable, corrosion-resistant grates and radiant are constructed to withstand the most intense applications.

For facilities that could surpass the industry’s most stringent sanitation standards, we offer high-capacity grease drawers and grease trays. Ignition parts that are meticulously tested for safety and efficacy are also available. Browse our catalog now for ergonomic griddle accessories and griddle parts that will refurbish units to a virtually brand-new state!