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Fryer Oil Transporter

Fryer Oil Transporter

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Fryer Oil Transporters

Safely drain and transport old cooking oil using a heavy-duty fryer oil transporter

Keep clean and sanitized commercial kitchens with the help of a fryer oil transporter! The commercial fryer is a handy piece of cooking equipment for foodservice establishments that offer crispy and delicious deep-fried food products. For convenient removal of cooking oil, we offer a broad range of fryer oil transporters. All the transport equipment we supply guarantees safe handling of the cooking oil with minimal risk of spillage. This helps kitchen staff to maintain a clean and sanitized commercial kitchen while draining and transporting the cooking oil from the fryer to the proper drainage system.

Our selection of fryer oil transporter comes in a variety of sizes that can carry low- to high-volumes of cooking oil. They are constructed of high-quality materials for long-term durability and strong resistance to heat, corrosion, and daily tear and wear. They are often built with a heat-resistant handle to protect the kitchen staff from potential burn-related injuries for transporting hot or warm cooking oils. They also feature a heavy-duty set of wheels that possess superb traction. These wheels also guarantee to support low to heavy load capacities.

All the fryer oil transporters we carry come in different types. Discover the best type for the operation’s needs by browsing our catalog now!