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Fryer Oil Filtration Machine

Fryer Oil Filtration Machine

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Fryer Oil Filtration Machines

For longer oil life, operate a commercial fryer with a reliable cooking oil filtration system

Conserve oil and extend deep fryer machine life with a fryer oil filter machine. A fryer oil filtration machine is necessary for every restaurant or foodservice establishment that serves specialty fried dishes. It is an essential piece of maintenance equipment for deep fryers. After operations, turn the fryer off and connect the oil filtration machine. It shall remove food residue and other particles from oil left by previous deep-frying operations. This preserves the oil's quality for a longer time, which helps save on oil costs. It also increases the production of fresh-tasting fried food. Moreover, it maintains a sanitary cooking environment.

For a cleaner and safer deep-frying operations, we offer a selection of oil filter equipment. It includes electric and manual models to cater to different user preferences. We also have products with varying capacities and flow rates to accommodate both low and high-volume productions. There are different voltages available as well. Lastly, we offer one or two-way pumps for faster and more convenient operations.

Keep deep fryers at their best condition with the help of fryer oil filter machines. Browse through our catalog for our full list of available oil filter equipment.