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Fryer Basket

Fryer Basket

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Fryer Baskets

Deep fry food evenly and conveniently using their compatible fryer baskets

Deep frying is a popular cooking method that guarantees to evenly cook any food products in a short period. Provide the kitchen staff with the correct size and type of frying baskets for safe cooking! The frying baskets we carry are built to last! They can be submerged in extremely hot oil without warping or transferring toxic chemicals into the food. Stainless steel is the popular material choice due to its indestructibility and strong rust resistance. But other brands use nickel-plated steel as it offers more strength and resistance to corrosion. Both of these materials can withstand extreme heat. For a comfortable and secure grip, each fryer basket can feature a plastic-welded handle. Other brands also offer cool-to-touch handles to protect the kitchen staff against burn-related injuries.

A front hook is often added to the fryer baskets. This allows the basket to be hooked up onto the fryers to ensure the food is oil-free before serving them out. This feature is a smart addition as the kitchen staff is allowed to perform other tasks while waiting for the excess oil to drain out of the fried food. Round and rectangular are the two standard shapes available for the fryer baskets. But we also carry seashell-shaped baskets perfect for deep frying taco shells. To learn more about our frying baskets and their incredible features, browse our catalog now!