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Countertop Gas Range

Countertop Gas Range

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Countertop Gas Ranges

Maximize the limited working space by adding countertop gas ranges

Make the most of the small kitchen design by equipping it with countertop gas ranges! Our catalog offers a full line of countertop gas ranges that can suit the needs of food service establishments with compact kitchen spaces such as concession stands, food trucks, and small cafes. These gas ranges are built with a compact and portable unit that can be easily installed either on an equipment stand or a sturdy and level countertop. This type of commercial range can also be easily transported anywhere for as long as power and ventilation requirements are provided.

One significant advantage of the gas ranges over electric ranges is that users are allowed to set the exact temperature level of the burners in an instant. Since users can see the actual flame of the burners, they can easily determine if there is a need to adjust the heat. This type of commercial range is available in natural gas and propane gas variants. We also offer model units that are built field convertible to easily convert its fuel type from natural gas to propane gas, or vice versa.

The countertop gas ranges are available in a variety of sizes to guarantee there is a perfect piece of cooking equipment for every kitchen size. Make the most of the tiny kitchen space by getting a gas range with an additional refrigerated chef base or storage base. They may differ in style and function, but both are effective in providing a sanitary storage environment for perishable and non-perishable food products.

Most of the countertop gas ranges we supply are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, for both exterior surfaces and legs. This is a durable material that guarantees exceptional durability and longevity. Additionally, these countertop gas ranges feature bottom-mounted grease trays that ensure easy cleaning. The materials used for the construction vary on the manufacturer.

To learn more about our countertop gas ranges and other related offerings, browse our catalog now!