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Countertop Electric Range

Countertop Electric Range

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Countertop Electric Ranges

Equip the compact kitchen with reliable countertop electric ranges

A commercial range is one of the most versatile and most used cooking equipment in the kitchen. Ranges are becoming increasingly popular especially in busy commercial kitchens. One reliable type of commercial range is the countertop electric range. From the name itself, the electric ranges use electric power to heat the coil or solid burners. These ranges allow efficient and simple cooking set up while guaranteeing the quality of food being cooked.

Countertop electric ranges are convenient to use because they can be placed on equipment stands or any compact kitchen countertops. This type of range can be moved anywhere in the area for as long as power requirements are provided. Our catalog offers a full line of countertop electric ranges that will definitely suit the needs of food service establishments especially those with compact-sized kitchens such as concession stands ad food trucks. They are available in different sizes where the number of burners varies.

The maximum temperature of our countertop electric ranges can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. But this may still change depending on the brand. Additionally, our countertop electric ranges are guaranteed easy to install and clean. To learn more about our selection of countertop electric ranges, browse our catalog now!