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Commercial Microwave

Commercial Microwave

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Commercial Microwave Ovens

Reheat dishes or prepackaged meals quickly and effortlessly with our robust lineup of commercial microwave ovens

Use our high-performance commercial microwaves to safely reheat meals in record time! Customers always look forward to a warm lunch or dinner after a grueling day of work. To satisfy the demand, our brand partners have designed the most ergonomic culinary equipment. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer commercial microwaves of various sizes and capacities. Whether chefs are looking for a light-duty unit for straightforward heating or a heavy-duty one for cooking, they are certain to find what they’re searching for from our lineup.

Rapidly reheat pre-packaged meals at convenience stores, or serve freshly steamed buns and dumplings! With our powerful, cutting-edge microwaves, foodservice facilities are guaranteed to serve only hot, heartwarming food. This translates to improved profit margins and good customer perception. Typically made of stainless steel, painted steel, and other extremely durable metals, our commercial microwave ovens exhibit superior strength and impact resistance.

Stainless steel microwave ovens are popular among low and high-volume establishments due to their versatility and reliable performance. They are usually low maintenance and easy to clean. Most units come with highly innovative push-button control features that show program cook times for specific food items. Others also boast convenient settings such as “express” heating or defrosting. Choose among a wide array of wattage options, from energy-saving, low wattage microwaves to high wattage ones for catered events.

Browse our catalog now for a basic steamer or multipurpose microwave unit that produces hearty, warm meals!