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Commercial Smoker

Commercial Smoker

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Commercial Smokers

Make tender and fall-off-the-bone BBQ with our commercial smoker ovens

There’s nothing better than spending the day with family and friends at the nearest food establishment to share perfectly cooked meats over a bottle of wine! For foodservice operations to successfully satisfy the guests with the quality of smoked and roasted foods they are serving, they must equip their busy kitchens with our versatile and ever-reliable smoker ovens. Regardless of the flavors of foods that the chefs and cooks are trying to create, these commercial ovens are perfect for producing a smoked savor that the guests are sure to love.

The smoker ovens we supply are mostly constructed of heavy-duty metal for long-term durability and equipped with a powerful heating system for uniform heating. As standard, these commercial smokers are operated by either natural gas or liquid propane gas. It works by soaking the wood chips for about an hour, draining them, and then heating them until getting the desired cooking temperature. Our selection also carries units that are powered by electricity. These electric smoker ovens are often used for simpler grilling set up.

Of course, these commercial smokers come in a variety of cabinet sizes—1/2 height, full-height, and undercounter. This selection helps the owners to get the best cabinet size that suits their kitchen spaces. We also have smoker ovens that come with shelves, skewers, or slides—all are equally capable of accommodating low- to high-volumes of foods. Culinary Depot not only offers high-quality commercial smokers but also carries parts and accessories that will help maintain the units in top shape. To learn more about our offerings, browse our catalog now!