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Commercial Electric Range

Commercial Electric Range

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Commercial Electric Ranges

Cook fabulous meals quickly and effortlessly using our cutting-edge electric ranges

Serve food with excellent textures, aromas, and flavors with the help of our high-performance commercial electric ranges! To get ahead of the competition, most establishments aim to be excellent at cooking, baking, and grilling. However, with so many culinary tasks and so little space, this might not bode well for smaller commercial kitchens. With this in mind, our brand partners have designed units that allow chefs to cook, bake, and grill using only one piece of equipment! We offer the most cutting-edge collection of commercial electric ranges. Also known as kitchen ranges or electric stoves, these cooking equipment are some of the most versatile units any foodservice facility could have. Due to their all-purpose applications, they help cut down on servicing fees associated with owning multiple units. They also reduce various utility expenditures by being field configurable to a preferred electrical service or phase.

Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and other extremely durable metals, our commercial electric ranges guarantee exceptional strength, performance, and damage resistance. Stainless steel models boast a seamless, professionally burnished exterior finish, making them very easy to clean. The interior may be comprised of porcelain, which is ideal for longer heat retention and effortless wipe-downs. Most ranges come with built-in griddles to allow the simultaneous cooking of popular breakfast items like bacon strips, sausages, and eggs. Some models also set themselves apart with crystal-clear glass doors that feature cool-to-the-touch or antibacterial handles. Establishments may also pair this cooking equipment with a standard oven or storage cabinets as a base.

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