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Cleaning Cloths & Towels

Cleaning Cloths & Towels

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Cleaning Cloths and Towels

Wipe off dust and spills with reusable cleaning cloths

Stock up the establishment’s supply closet with our cleaning cloths and cleaning towels to maintain a consistently dry and sanitized working environment. Commercial establishments are prone to spills and messes. Having clean and reusable cleaning cloths and towels available for use is indeed beneficial. This allows the staff to easily grab one on-the-go when they need to attend to areas that require immediate cleaning. With the right cleaning towels, it’s guaranteed that the cleaning process can be done properly and effectively. No more worries, because we offer a full line of cleaning towels and cloths that are made to wipe off dust and spills everywhere. Cleaning cloths are very efficient because they can rub off dust in corners where dusters and brooms cannot fully reach. They can also be used to clean soiled or wet areas with the help of water and soap.

Our line of cleaning cloths is made of polyester or microfiber. These materials are durable and can easily absorb moisture. Thus, these cleaning towels easily dry up wet areas. Our cleaning cloths are stain-resistant, allowing staff to use them repeatedly after washing them. With the materials’ durability, these cleaning towels can be safely washed by hand or with the use of a laundry machine. These are just a few of our offerings in the catalog.

To learn more about our cleaning cloth and towel offerings, browse our catalog now! All materials used vary on the manufacturer.

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