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Casters, Legs, & Stands for Refrigerator

Casters, Legs, & Stands for Refrigerator

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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Casters, Legs, and Stands

Add heavy-duty casters, legs, or stands to safely elevate any refrigeration equipment

Strengthen the refrigeration equipment’s stability with our professional-grade casters, legs, and stands! Adjusting the height of the commercial refrigeration is a smart way to free up some valuable space underneath it or prevent the contaminants from reaching the food contents. Whichever the intended purpose for it, our robust and easy-to-install legs, casters, and stands are the best parts to add! Most of the refrigeration equipment comes with a standard set of legs. These legs are proven effective in providing stability, particularly on an uneven floor surface. They are robustly built to assure they won’t break or fall over when accidentally bump onto the equipment. Stainless steel is a popular material choice due to their excellent resistance to impact, corrosion, and various temperature ranges. But we also carry other refrigeration legs that are made of durable plastic and nickel-plated metal. For a secure mounting on floors, we supply legs with flange.

Efficiently increase the height with added mobility is the advantage of heavy-duty casters. There are several types of casters available in our catalog but the two most popular are the plate and stem casters. Both can feature a rigid or swivel caster style. The plate casters are the recommended type for transforming stationary refrigeration equipment into a mobile unit. From the name itself, it features a top plate that is drilled with four bolt holes. The holes can either have a straight or slotted pattern. While the stem casters are built with a round or square-shaped frame stem. Polyurethane and soft rubber are the preferred materials used because they can support the overall weight of the commercial refrigeration equipment while preventing to damage the floors. But we also supply casters that are made of nylon and other types of plastic.

Safety is every brand’s top priority! They delivered this by adding an effective brake system on the casters. Most of the refrigeration equipment’s casters offer two locks and this is positioned at the front. Not all commercial refrigeration comes with a set of legs or casters. There are a few that the base is directly level on the ground. This is where the refrigeration stands come in handy! They are expertly built with a set of heavy-duty casters mounted on a rectangular frame. No need for time-consuming mounting, just place the equipment securely on top of the stand and move it wherever it is needed.

All the casters, legs, and stands we supply can include a height-adjustable feature. They also come in different types, sizes, and weight capacities. To know more about our offers and selections, browse our catalog now!

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