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Vulcan Oven Troubleshooting: Common Issues and How to Fix it

Aug 3rd 2022 - Monica Cunanan

Vulcan Oven Troubleshooting: Common Issues and How to Fix it

A Vulcan oven is an excellent choice for any commercial kitchen. They offer a wide range of gas and electric heaters suitable for a variety of professional needs, including cooking casseroles and meats, vegetables, and bread. It's a no-brainer that they would also produce top-of-the-line commercial ovens and holding ovens. If you're having trouble troubleshooting your Vulcan oven, we've got some easy tips for fixing it. Don't let an underperforming oven linger!

With some help from community members and the service manual, here's a list of common problems related to holding hot ovens and full-size convection ovens. This troubleshooting guide helps you correctly identify issues and alerts you when you need to contact an authorized service technician.

Common Issues of Vulcan Ovens

The Vulcan Hart VC and SG Full-Size Convection Ovens are capable of heating a wide selection of foods evenly and efficiently. Here are some common problems associated with gas-powered and electric ovens.

Convection Oven Troubleshooting

Issues with Your Cooked Food? Here's how to Fix It:

  • How to fix Uneven Browning or Overcooked sides: If the oven has uneven browning or overcooked sides, turn down the heat setting. Reducing the number of racks that you are using may also help create better circulation for even cooking.
  • How to Fix Shrinking food: Turn the roasting temperature down if it’s too high. The issue may also be the moisture content in your food. Try putting a 12-x-20-x 1-inch pan of water at the bottom of the oven.
  • How to fix Items spilling or pulling to the edge of the pan: Make sure that the racks in your kitchen ovens are level, and adjust their position if necessary. The racks should be leveled side to side and 1⁄8 inch lower at the front from back to back. You may need to replace your sheet pans if they're warped. They shouldn't be used for any further cooking or baking.

If the Gas Is Not Igniting, Here's What You Can Do: (Gas Models Only)

When you don’t see a spark or lit ignition light, the following could be the problem:

  • The High-limit thermostat might be open: If the high-limit thermostat is open, have the issue fixed by a service technician.
  • Fix Defective wiring and electrical components: There may be an electrical problem with the oven's wiring, or there may be a defective heat relay, transformer, and ignition cable. Get an authorized technician to check and fix these issues.

If there is a fire but the gas isn't ignited:

  • Check your gas valve or supply. You'll notice that the ignition light remains lit for more than 20 sec­onds after the three trials.

  • Check to see if the manual gas valve for the stove is closed or if the solenoid valve is turned off or broken. If those are working then the gas supply could be faulty or not provide enough pressure.

Model Featured: Vulcan VC44GD-NG

If It Won’t Maintain a Flame (Gas Models Only)

If the gas ignites but you notice that it won’t maintain a flame, the gas pressure to your unit might not be enough. The following issues may also happen:

  • Snorkel Vent is Dirty or Clogged
    • If the snorkel vent is clogged, the flame cannot be maintained. Clean out the vent to correct the issue.
  • The Igniter May Have Issues
    • The defective igniter ground, sensor, or lead may be preventing the flame. An authorized technician should test and repair these issues.

Temperature Issues: Excessive, Low, or No Heat

If your oven isn't heating up properly, check out these potential causes below:

  • Defective temperature control or probe
    • There may be a faulty temperature control or temperature probe that is affecting the heat in your oven. Have an authorized technician remedy either issue.
  • There may be Inadequate gas pressure (for gas models):
    • Low gas pressure in the facility may result in lower temperatures. It could be related to any number of things including gas line leaks or overuse of natural gas at a particular location. You might need to contact your local utility company to correct or identify why there’s no gas service in your area.
  • Plugged gas orifice (for gas models):
    • Ensure that the gas orifice is not obstructed. If it is present, remove the obstruction. Ensure that the orifice and its surrounding area are clean so that the oven can perform well.
  • Open high-limit switch or thermostat
    • Check if the high limit switch or the thermostat has been opened. If you've had any problems with your oven heating up, call an authorized tech for help.

Defective Timer

If the mechanical timer on your oven isn't working properly, check these things first:

  • Ensure that line voltage is adequate: It can both cause improper heating and throw your timer off. Have an authorized technician test and repair the problem.
  • Electrical issues: Interconnecting wires could be malfunctioning or broken. Get this fixed or replaced by an authorized repairman.
  • Broken timer: The entire timer could be broken and would have to be replaced by an authorized technician.

Door Won’t Close Properly

Below are some potential causes for your doors not closing properly.

  • There May Be Damage to The Seal
    • If cracks or splits start forming, replace the door seal. This causes the heat to escape the oven. A damaged seal prevents the door from closing shut and only gets worse over time.
  • The Door is Unaligned
    • Ensure that the oven door is aligned. Check if the hinges need to be replaced or if the hinge screws need to be fastened. Consolidate with the manufacturer's manual for leveling and alignment instructions.
  • The Door Chain or Catch Roller Is Unaligned
    • Observe the door chain or catch. If they're not aligned, adjust them accordingly. If one of these is damaged, have it repaired immediately by an authorized technician

Holding Oven Troubleshooting

The Vulcan Cook & Hold Oven precisely controls the temperature so that your food retains its flavor and nutritional value. Here are some common problems that can occur from time to time.

The Oven or Cooling Fans Not Operating

Power supply issues can be tied to either the power source or the cooling fan. Make sure the oven is plugged in or the "on/off" switch is turned on. If either isn't the problem, check your circuit breaker or replace any fuses.

If you see the indicator lights turn on but the cooling fans don't run, check to see if the oven temperature is below 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If it isn't working, check for a faulty connection, thermos­tat, fan, or wire first. If there are any issues, they must be fixed by an authorized technician.

Model Featured: Vulcan VRH88

Oven Not Heating or Has Incorrect Temperature

The following may cause overheating or temperature issues in your oven:

  • Faulty cooking temperature thermostat
    • Turn the oven on at 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) for a few minutes and then check the back of the oven to see whether it’s hot enough. If the oven is still not heating with the cooking temperature indicator lit, contact an authorized technician to resolve the issue.
  • Faulty holding temperature thermostat
    • Set the dial to 250°F (120°C), and wait for a few minutes before checking whether the back of the oven cavity has reached temperature. If the power switch is illuminated and the temperature gauge is showing that the heater is not working, contact an authorized service provider for repairs.
  • Faulty high-limit thermostat or heating element
    • If your oven has a broken high limit thermostat or heating elements, they could affect its temperature. If you're having trouble with your air conditioner, make sure an authorized technician fixes the problem so you can keep your unit covered by warranty.

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