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Restaurant Design Trends

Apr 20th 2021 - J. Vigotsky Blog,  Restaurant,  Popular, 

Restaurant Design Trends

Diners consider many things when deciding where to eat. Perhaps the three most important variables are food, service, and ambiance. While delicious food and good service are relatively straight forward, ambiance is always evolving. The restaurant designs that were stylish in the 1950s and 1980s certainly aren’t stylish today (unless you’re going for the whole retro thing). If you’re thinking of opening a new restaurant or redesigning the one you already have, it’s important to be up to date on what appeals to today’s customers.

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Eco Friendly

eco-friendly restaurant

Until recently, industrial minimalism was all the rage. Silver was everywhere, and restaurants were outfitted with the bare minimum required for operation. But now interior design style is shifting back in the opposite direction. Warm woods like bamboo are increasingly being used for floors, walls, tables, and seating. This shift in approach partly accounts for why recyclable materials are more in vogue than ever. The importance and awareness of a restaurant’s carbon footprint provides further motivation for switching to eco-friendly materials.

Layered / Textured

layered restaurant design

The rebellion against industrial minimalism can also be seen through the switch to more textured atmospheres. By using more layers, restaurant designers are doing their best to liven up their environments. Wood certainly helps in this regards, as does any distinct artwork you can display. Shades, curtains, and bolder seating options can also help give your restaurant’s interior decor a more textural feel. If you have a high ceiling, hanging ornaments is another option.

Warm Colors

warm colors

Today, a large number of customers document their dining experiences through Instagram and other social media platforms. If you want the pictures they take at your restaurant to come out looking great, be sure to use a mixture of warm colors when designing its interior. Doing so will not only satisfy your customers who snap photos, but it will also catch the eyes of their followers. If your restaurant looks appealing enough in the pictures people see on Instagram, they’ll certainly want to check it out in person.

Bespoke Lighting

bespoke restaurant lighting

The technology of 2019 makes it easier than ever to customize your lighting. Thanks to remote control apps, brightness and color can be adjusted with just the touch of a finger. Bespoke lighting allows you to have lights installed just where you want them. With this level of customization, it won’t matter what day time of day it is or how the weather outside is acting. Simply use a remote to tweak your lighting until it’s perfect for the circumstance. And since many of the newer lighting systems enable you to control each individual light bulb, it’s possible to accommodate multiple diners who prefer different kinds of ambiances.


restaurant design plants

Going green isn’t just about outfitting your kitchen with an Energy Star-qualified convection oven. It can also mean integrating plants into the design of your restaurant. If you’re looking for cheap restaurant design ideas, plants are perfect. Not only do plants look pretty, but they are also proven to increase happiness. Of course, taking care of your plants will be an extra task on the to-do list.

While farm-to-table restaurants have gained popularity, there has also been an increase in restaurants that grow their own produce. Displaying the gardens where your food originates is a great strategy for restaurants that have large outdoor eating areas. If you want to feature plants indoors but don’t have much room, spice up your restaurant wall décor by hanging a vertical garden.

Nobody ever said designing restaurants is easy. So if it’s not your forte, there’s no shame in collaborating with an expert. But now that you know what’s in style and are well-aware of the old decorating trends to avoid, designing should be a bit easier. Just be sure to stay up to date on new trends in restaurant décor so you can continue to evolve with the changing times.