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How True Refrigeration Units Can Save You Money

Nov 16th 2018 - Blog, 

How True Refrigeration Units Can Save You Money

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True has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry for over 70 years. And although this blog has already covered a few of the many benefits offered by True products, there are still plenty of other reasons for the company’s success. This post will focus exclusively on how one specific feature of True refrigeration units can save you money.

Also known as RCU, a reverse condensing fan motor does enables users to reverse the condensing fan motor of a refrigeration unit. This action helps keep the condensing coil clean while also reducing negative effects of a dirty coil. So while a fan still operates in a conventional manner, it’ll run in reverse for the first 20 seconds after the unit starts up. Doing so cleans the unit by blowing dust, dirt, and debris off the condensing coil. So since these coils don’t need to contend with unwanted debris, True refrigerators and freezers use 20% less energy than similar units. This helps users save money on electric bills.

While a reverse condensing fan motor doesn’t eliminate the need for maintenance, it does prolong the lifespan of your True refrigeration unit. This means you won’t need to purchase new refrigerators and freezers at the same frequency you would with other brands. RCU technology also helps True refrigeration units maintain the coldest temperatures and freshest products. So whether you’re operating a large dining hall kitchen or a cozy concession stand, using a True refrigeration unit pays off in the long run.