• 9 Benefits of True Refrigeration Equipment

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    It's no coincidence that True refrigeration equipment is found in all kinds of commercial kitchens. The renowned manufacturer has been producing quality freezers and refrigerators for over 70 years, and this post will help explore what separates True equipment from the competition.


    Energy Efficiency

    True offers more Energy Star-certified refrigeration units than any of its competing manufacturers. Helping operators decrease utility and maintenance costs, the efficiency of True freezers and refrigerators also helps ensure a longer lifespan.



    All True refrigeration units come with a 3-year warranties for parts and labor. Even better, compressors have extended 5-year warranties. If there is ever an issue, True will quickly repair or replace your equipment so your foodservice doesn’t miss a beat.


    Extra-Cold Freezers

    While the standard temperature of most commercial freezers is 0°F, True freezers are designed to consistently maintain a temperature of -10°F. This difference of 10°F enables True freezers to better-preserve food, which results in more flavorful meals for your restaurant’s customers.


    Glass Doors

    True has its own factory where it produces all double-paned glass doors found on its freezers and refrigerators. This allows the company to reduce costs and pass those savings onto customers. Between the two glass panes is Argon gas, which acts as an insulator and helps keep the units cold. Argon is completely harmless, so there’s need to fret in the unfortunate event that your unit’s glass breaks.


    Rigorous Testing

    All True refrigeration equipment is subjected to thorough testing before being removed from the assembly line and sent out for delivery. While refrigerators are tested for 4-6 hours to ensure proper functioning, freezers must go through a whopping 16-24 hours of comprehensive evaluations. Any unit that doesn’t measure up to True’s lofty standards is sent back for modifications before being tested again.


    Stainless Steel Exterior

    Made with high-grade stainless steel that excels at withstanding years of use in commercial environments, True refrigeration equipment also boasts a powder coating. This coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, which helps freezers and refrigerators maintain aesthetic exteriors despite years of use.  This makes True equipment perfect for kitchens that are on display for patrons to see.



    Whether you prefer glass doors, solid doors, or even sliding doors, True allows you to customize a unit so it matches your precise preferences. The exteriors of merchandising and display refrigerators can be customized with decals that draw attention to your products and increase purchases.


    Long-term Durability

    Since the evaporator fan motors found in True refrigeration units are filled with oil, they won’t require lubrication for the duration of their year lifespan. And while similar fan motors of similar commercial freezers and refrigerators last as few as 3 years, those found in True refrigerator are consistently functional for 15-20 years.


    Made in America

    True proudly manufactures all of its refrigeration equipment in a Missouri-based factory and never imports units from other countries. This means that by buying a True freezer or refrigerator, you’re helping support the American workforce.

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