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Cotton Candy Machine Troubleshooting: Not Heating Up? Burnt Sugar? He's How to Fix it!

Jan 17th 2023 - Team

Cotton Candy Machine Troubleshooting: Not Heating Up? Burnt Sugar? He's How to Fix it!

Whether you call it cotton candy or fairy floss, it is a tasty delicacy that draws customers in. If your cotton candy machine isn't working properly, you'll want it fixed as soon as possible. We've listed some troubleshooting issues and solutions that can help you get your system running again. Always consult your specific manufacturer's manual for repair or replacement instructions.

Machine Not Making Candy

Not heated enough

If your cotton candy machine isn't producing candy, it may not have warmed up sufficiently. Here's how to troubleshoot it:

  • Allow it to properly heat up before attempting to manufacture anything.
  • Check that the machine is connected and powered on at all times before turning on the heat switch.

Model Featured: Winco CCM-28M

Inadequate sugar

If you do not add enough sugar to the machine, it will not be able to heat and produce cotton candy. Follow the instructions for your specific machine and add enough sugar to make a portion.

Protip: Make sure to contact a local authorized service agent for assistance with these specific products as well as all of your commercial kitchen equipment requirements.

Candy is distributed unevenly

Does your machine utilize hard candy? They will not melt properly if they are irregularly spaced, and the head will not spin properly.

How to troubleshoot?

  • Before you begin, make sure they are evenly spaced.

The sugar is burning.

A Residue build-up may be a problem. If you don't clean your cotton candy machine after each usage, the sugar might accumulate and develop residue.

How to troubleshoot?

  • You'll want to keep the machine clean to avoid burning and smoking any sugar onto the heating element.

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Model Featured: Winco 81011

Extractor Head Not Spinning

Troubleshoot Tip #1

If the extractor is not spinning, you may need to clean the extractor head and the machine.

  • Cleaning after each usage is critical since residue might accumulate.
  • Make sure you take adequate care of your equipment since sticky residue can cause the extractor head to not spin.

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Troubleshoot Tip #2

A faulty motor could be the reason for the extractor head not spinning.

  • Before you begin, check for sugar buildup and any blockages.
  • The motor will need to be replaced if they are not the problem.

Model Featured: Omcan USA 41337

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