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Commercial Batteries

Stock the kitchen with dependable batteries to keep the equipment ready for use

Get the right types of batteries for each tool and device for a guaranteed safe and smooth operation. Don’t let a power interruption ruin the performance of the kitchen. Always prepare by stocking the right batteries for all the tools and equipment. We supply a large selection of rechargeable and non-rechargeable commercial batteries. All are designed safe to use with long service life.

Lithium-ion batteries are the popularly owned in the commercial kitchen. Mainly because they are highly rechargeable and constructed with a lightweight and compact unit. They are also made from eco-friendly materials and engineered with a high-energy-density. Place it in any compatible facility equipment or tools and they guarantee to provide consistent high-level of performance. They are ideal to use for power tools and other handheld tools.

Another great battery to get is the alkaline. The alkaline batteries are considered as a general-purpose battery and they are great to use for small electronic devices like portion scales. They also share the same qualities as with lithium-ion which is heavy-duty, eco-friendly, and possesses high-energy-density. It may not be designed as a rechargeable battery, but it still boasts longevity. There are more types of batteries included in our catalog. Browse it now and explore your options!

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  • Eastern Tabletop 9001PB Portable Battery
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    SKU Number:9001PB__16044 email_price:no Tags:Power Station, Portable Label Option type:rectangles Net Price:1470.00 msrp_price:no Ship From:07002 Product Taxonomy:CulinaryDepot>>Janitorial Supply>>Facility Maintenance and Sanitation>>Batteries>>Portable Battery Allow to show add to cart:Add to cart or login for pricing call_price:no map_price:yes Packed By:1 each add_to_cart:yes MAP Price:1837.50 Manufacturer:Eastern Tabletop login_price:no Product ID:715a5d3a-1fb0-4c77-9030-c640365cf5b5 List Price:3675.00 Trigger BC Integration:Y-11/25/2021_12:23AM Filter_Depth:1 - 20 Inches Filter_Width:1 - 20 Inches Filter_Height:1 - 20 Inches Primary Image:Eastern Tabletop_9001PB.png is free shipping:no Sale Price:1792.68