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Wood and Charcoal

Wood and Charcoal

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Wood and Charcoal

For flavorful barbecue, cook with quality wood and charcoal

Fuel outdoor cooking with reliable wood and charcoal for tender and flavorful smoked food. Outdoor cooking has plenty of differences from indoor cooking. Aside from the location, one major difference between them is the flavor infused in the food. Outdoor cooking produces more savory barbecue dishes than indoor cooking because it uses wood and charcoal to create fire and smoke. Meanwhile, indoor cooking uses only heat powered by electricity or gas.

Outdoor barbecue also does not use oil and other fats, unlike indoor cooking, which results in healthier dishes. Since outdoor barbecue cooks faster than indoor methods, it retains more food nutrients as well. We offer a selection of different types of wood and charcoal for efficient and flavorful outdoor cooking. For our wood selections, we supply logs, planks, and chips. Wood logs present a natural long, rounded shape, and require tinder and kindling. Meanwhile, wood planks have a flat, rectangular shape with clean cuts. Before cooking, they need to be soaked in warm water for a few minutes. Then, they must be placed directly on the grill.

Lastly, wood chips are tiny, irregular pieces of wood. They provide the most consistent fire or smoke among all types of wood. We also offer different BBQ charcoal types. For less ash, lump charcoal is a great option for cooking. It also lights quickly and reaches very high temperatures for faster cooking. On the other hand, briquette charcoal maintains consistent temperatures for a prolonged time.

Wood and charcoal have different advantages. Wood provides a stronger aroma and flavor for better-tasting food. Charcoal, on the other hand, stays lit longer for more cost-saving operations. Of course, they can also be used together. For enhanced food taste, opt for outdoor cooking with wood and charcoal. View our catalog to see our complete list of wood and charcoal offerings.