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Tilt Skillets / Braising Pan

Tilt Skillets / Braising Pan

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Tilt Skillets / Braising Pans

Prepare numerous dishes in large amounts using tilt skillets

Perform several cooking methods and cook a variety of dishes using tilt skillets or braising pans! Any high-volume production kitchen or restaurant will benefit from having tilt skillets. Also known as a braising pan, this cooking equipment can perform numerous functions, including steaming, simmering, sautéing, and even frying. It helps save on costs and space by reducing the necessary cookware in the kitchen.

The tilt skillets are built to accommodates large amounts of food and cooks from all sides for increased productivity in the kitchen. A braising pan with lid especially reduces heat loss for more-energy efficient operations. Designed with the ability to tilt forward, it can also transfer foods to containers or plates conveniently and safely. Cook ground meat or heat soups using a tilt skillet!

Our selection features tilt skillets in varying sizes to cater to different production needs and kitchen layouts. We also offer electric or gas units with different benefits. Electric tilt skillets provide more economic operations, while gas units allow faster cooking times. For different user preferences, there are tilt skillet models with manual or automatic tilting controls as well.

Improve kitchen operations with multi-functional and large-capacity tilt skillets or braising pans! View our catalog to see our complete offerings of tilt skillets or braising pans.