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Steam Kettle

Steam Kettle

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Steam Kettles

For high-output, energy-saving operations, cook with a steam kettle

Use steam kettles for uniform cooking with high output but reduced energy consumption. Steam kettles are essential to any kitchen, especially to restaurants with high volume production. They are similar to stockpots. However, steam jacketed kettles provide the advantage of steam cooking—healthier dishes with faster cooking times. They are constructed commonly with two-thirds of the cooking surface coming in contact with food at a lower temperature than with stock pots for gentle but even heat distribution.

Also, they provide controls within the equipment itself for more convenient and precise operations. This makes them ideal for cooking large amounts of various food such as soups, stews, sauces, pasta, and more. We offer a selection of steam kettle equipment with several designs to accommodate different user preferences and needs.

Our selection includes options of stationary or tilting kettle models. Stationary kettles offer the advantage of sanitary liquid draining. Meanwhile, tilting kettles allow tilting of kettle body for easier dispensing of contents. Our selection also features steam kettles designed for use with different power sources. We have electric steam kettles for economic operations, while gas steam kettles give the advantage of faster heat up. There are direct steam kettle models available as well.

Of course, we also have steam kettles for countertop or floor use. Countertop steam jacketed kettle models are ideal for low volume production. They are also best for kitchens with limited spaces. On the other hand, floor models are recommended for kitchens with high volume production and floor area to spare. Enhance food quality while increasing productivity at the same with a steam kettle. Check our catalog to see our complete offerings of commercial steam kettles.