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Rapid Cook / High Speed Hybrid Oven

Rapid Cook / High Speed Hybrid Oven

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Rapid Cook and High-Speed Hybrid Ovens

Serve customers’ orders in record time with the help of a reliable, high-speed hybrid and rapid cook oven

Eliminate the long wait for fresh, flavorful dishes by using our rapid-cook and high-speed hybrid ovens! Despite significant changes to the way customers patronize foodservice establishments, certain things remain the same. The need for fresh, quality tasting meals remain unchanged. Likewise, customers still prefer not to wait too long for their orders. Regardless of the adjustments made due to current public health concerns, commercial kitchens could still benefit from reliable commercial ovens.

Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a wide array of rapid cook ovens and high-speed hybrid ovens. Also known as accelerated cooking ovens or simply hybrid ovens, these cooking equipment are known for their impressive capability to cook dishes in record time. Designed after compact microwave oven units, these culinary devices are excellent for kitchens with limited space to spare.

We offer rapid cook and high-speed hybrid ovens with capacities ranging from 0.54 cubic feet to 2.2 cubic feet to accommodate specific needs. Some models are programmable and can store hundreds of recipes, while others feature a more familiar, user-friendly configuration. To make installation in hoodless kitchens possible, most of these ovens come with a steam, smoke, and grease neutralizer called the catalytic converter system. They also often come with ergonomic features like backlit control keypads, crystal-clear cooking chamber windows, and cool-to-the-touch door handles.

Reheat pre-packaged meals, cook seasoned meats, or melt nacho cheese with unparalleled speed and ease! Browse our catalog today for hybrid ovens that seamlessly combine microwave, impinged convection, and radiant technology into one classy, space-saving footprint!