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Outdoor Griddle

Outdoor Griddle

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Outdoor Griddles

Make the cooking convenient in outdoor spaces using a portable griddle

Equip the operation with an outdoor griddle and enjoy cooking traditional BBQ recipes and other delicious breakfast food items! Our catalog offers a full line of outdoor griddles that can suit the needs of various foodservice establishments. These griddles are constructed with portable units to allow the kitchen staff to safely transport them from one location to another. In terms of their performance, these outdoor griddles won’t disappoint anyone! They are built to speed up the production time while increasing the quantity of food being cooked.

Our outdoor griddles are available in different sizes to ensure there is a piece of versatile cooking equipment for every kitchen size. They also come in broad ranges of capacities and BTU output. The total BTU output depends on the number of burners. A few of the outdoor griddles feature two burners. But we also carry other griddles with up to 10 burners. This type of outdoor cooking equipment can be operated by gas – natural gas and liquid propane gas.

When it comes to construction, these outdoor griddles are guaranteed durable and long-lasting. Our catalog also includes griddle parts and accessories that can keep the equipment in top shape. To learn more about our selection of outdoor griddles and other related offerings, check out our catalog now!