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Multi-Cook Oven

Multi-Cook Oven

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Multi-Cook Ovens

Use an Alto-Shaam Vector oven for improved efficiency

For the ultimate upgrade, cook a variety of food simultaneously with a Vector oven from Alto-Shaam! Any restaurant or food establishment will benefit from having a Vector oven. Also known as a multi-cook oven, the Alto-Shaam Vector oven allows simultaneous preparation of various food in one unit. It is thanks to its Structured Air Technology, which offers up to four ovens in one unit. Each chamber features independent controls for temperature, fan speed, and time. The multi-cook oven can operate selected chambers or all at once without the worry of odor or flavor transfer. Users can rest assure that food quality is not sacrificed for efficiency. We offer a selection of Vector ovens with varying designs to accommodate different kitchen needs.

We have Vector ovens with numerous pan capacities to cater from low to high volume production. We also have units in different sizes to help manage kitchen spaces wisely. Moreover, there are options for different control types, such as digital and touchscreen for user-friendly operations. An Alto-Shaam Vector oven increases the variety and output served daily in the restaurant. It also reduces the necessary cooking and baking equipment in the kitchen for cost- and space-saving operations.

Look through our catalog for our complete list of available multi-cook ovens!