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Granita / Slushy Machines

Granita / Slushy Machines

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Granita and Slushy Machines

Add fun and refreshing frozen beverages to the menu with our highly reliable slushy and granita machines

Present food enthusiasts with dynamic beverage options by acquiring one of our granita and slushy machines! Slushy, also known as slushie or Slurpee, is a fun, colorful drink to add to an establishment’s beverage offerings. Granita, a similar product to slushy except for its larger ice crystals, would make a perfect addition to the dessert menu as well. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the finest selection of granita and slushy machines. Comprised of the finest materials and components, these frozen beverage machines promise many years of robust, quality service.

We offer cocktail machines that infuse alcohol or wine into slushies or granitas to help boost impulse sales. We also carry a double bowl and triple bowl units to allow the simultaneous service of various drink flavors. Standard pour-over models are available for chefs or baristas who prefer to manually refill the product tank. Establishments may also opt for continuous production or liquid auto-fill units for faster, more effortless operations.

Browse our catalog now for world-class slushy and granita machines of different sizes, designs, capacities, and cutting-edge flavor mixing systems!