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Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser

Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser

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Commercial Iced Tea Dispensers

Make refreshing beverages available throughout the day with our commercial iced tea dispensers

Ensure that customers taste quality in every glass of iced tea with our exquisite collection of iced tea dispensers! Delight customers with a refreshing, fruit-infused, or brewed iced tea any time of the day! Here at Culinary Depot, we offer commercial iced tea dispensers capable of holding large quantities of the popular drink. Also known as restaurant tea urns, these units make a great addition to any foodservice establishment, from restaurants to convenience stores. Whether it’s a formal banquet or a casual diner, their sleek, minimalist designs are sure to complement any décor or theme. Though made specifically to dispense iced tea, they can be used for cold juices and lattes as well.

Satisfy the thirst of customers with icy, delicious drinks with these simple, easy to use beverage equipment! Typically constructed stainless steel, polished steel, polycarbonate plastic, and other top-grade materials, our iced tea dispensing machines are guaranteed strong and corrosion-resistant. They require hardly any effort for their cleaning and maintenance. They also need nothing more than a simple pull on the faucet to fill a glass.

Most models come fully insulated, while others may be furnished with ice cores. Regardless of the design, each dispenser comes with a secure, airtight lid and spill-proof spigot. Choose from cylindrical, oval, square, or rectangular units, as well as solid or see-through variants. Browse our catalog now for commercial iced tea dispensers that will match the quality of finely crafted beverages!