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Manual Juicer

Manual Juicer

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Manual Juicers

Effortlessly squeeze out every drop of orange, lemon, lime, or wheatgrass juice using our highly ergonomic manual, handheld juicers

Minimize food waste while getting all the juice a cocktail or dish requires with the help of our commercial manual juicers! Commercial juicers are essential to food service establishments, especially those specializing in beverages. However, not all commercial kitchens have access to multiple power outlets. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most extensive collection of manual juicers. Also known as squeezers or reamers, these simple, handheld juicers give chefs and baristas better control of the food preparation process. They also extract every ounce of fruit or wheatgrass juice to help minimize food waste.

We offer premium-grade stainless steel and aluminum hand press juicers for heavy-duty or high-volume applications. We also have unbreakable, food-grade plastic squeezers for lighter yet equally effective options. Other materials used in the construction of these units are selected by our brand partners. Effortlessly ream, squeeze, or extract fruit juices by browsing our catalog today!