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Commercial Juicer

Commercial Juicer

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Commercial Juicers

Use our top-notch juicer and treat the customers with refreshing and healthy juices

Add a healthy mix of fruit and vegetable juices to the beverage menu now with the help of our commercial juicer! No one can resist freshly made juices that are packed with high nutrients levels. Preparation is the key to assure all the ingredient’s nutrients and luscious flavor are intact and well-distributed on each drink recipe. Fortunately, there are different types of commercial juicers that can do the job right and consistently deliver great-tasting results. Each type of juicer can differ on the capacity, speed, installation configuration, power, and juice-making process. All these are determined by the brand. But as standard, all the juice makers are built with a countertop and freestanding unit. The countertop juicer features a space-efficient unit with a sturdy base to achieve maximum stability. This is perfect for foodservice establishments with a low-volume of juice demands.

The freestanding juicers, also known as the floor model, are the best juice maker to add for high-volume operations. With its big capacity, it can process 45 or more fruits or vegetables per minute. For power types, commercial juicers can be used manually or electric-operated. The juice presses are one of the popular manual-operated citrus juicers. It is typically constructed with a long lever handle and an extractor base. The bottom of the base is perforated to easily flush out the extracted liquids into the container. We also carry electric citrus juicers that are built with an auger, feeding chute, and robust plastic or metal bowl. A pusher can be included to assure all the fruit or vegetable are processed.

Unlike with the manual citrus juicers, the electric unit requires the ingredient to be peeled out and sliced in half or smaller pieces. The great thing about these commercial juicers is their versatility to process any type and size of ingredients. But for beverage services that offer limited juice offerings, we carry commercial juice makers that are exclusively designed for a specific ingredient. The orange juicer is the popular juice machine owned in hotels, cafés, and restaurants. It can run on a variety of high-speed rotations per minute and may feature a pulp ejection. We also have a wheatgrass juicer for beverage services that offers detox-type juice drinks.

These are only a few of the commercial juicers we offer. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection!