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Portable Bars

Portable Bars

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Portable Bars

Equip any events with a stationary or mobile bar for effortless preparation and serving of perfectly mixed drinks

Beverage service wouldn’t be completed without a sanitary and durable workstation. Get everything the operation needs here as we carry different types of beverage bars that can keep all the bartending supplies and beverage equipment organize and accessible!

Indoor or outdoor events, mix basic to complex drink recipes with ease on a portable bar. This is a type of beverage bar that features a space-effective unit. It may have a compact and smaller footprint than the standard bar, but rest assured all units have ample space to accommodate the bar essentials.

As standard, the portable bars we supply have a mobile feature to allow the bartenders to transport them easily from one location to another. This feature is delivered by mounting each mobile bar with heavy-duty casters. It comes with brakes for reliable stability when immobile. We also offer stationary bars with a foldable design for easy storage. All our portable bars can also feature a fixed or removable tabletop, locking cabinets, sinks, or water tanks.

A few portable bars available in our catalog are designed depending on the drinks to prepare and serve. A beverage bar with a pre-mix system is ideal for bar services that serve ready-to-drink beverages. While a bar with a post-mix system is perfect for blending bases, concentrated syrups, and other flavors into the drinks. These are only a few of the portable bars we offer. To learn more, browse our catalog now!