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Commercial Microwave Parts and Accessories

Commercial Microwave Parts and Accessories

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Commercial Microwave Oven Parts and Accessories

Stock the right spare parts for microwave ovens to immediately repair failed units

Upgrade the microwave oven’s performance and functions by furnishing them with our high-quality direct replacement parts and add-on accessories! Many foodservice establishments make use of microwave oven to reheat or steam food in a short period. It is vital to refurbish microwaves in case they are worn out or show signs of malfunction. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a vast collection of commercial microwave parts and accessories. From replacement antennas to transformers, we carry everything that a unit might require for its maintenance or repair. We boast the most unique and powerful heating elements, as well as fans and fan motors to change faulty parts. We also offer control boards and control pads to ensure that operators can take full advantage of their units’ capacities.

Our selection of spare microwave blowers come with corresponding parts and motors in case only a specific element must be replaced. Diodes for various unit wattages are also available to promote operator safety and high performance. An extensive lineup of electronic accessories and parts are also offered, from the basic cord and plug set to the more complex capacitors. Commercial microwave unit owners can now replace larger components, thanks to our robust body and mechanical part offerings. From doors of various styles and hinging, to the most essential hardware such as gaskets and latches, every aspect of the microwave can be easily restored to perfection.

All our microwave accessories and parts are of unparalleled quality and are tried-and-tested for efficacy. Browse our catalog now for commercial microwave parts and accessories designed to complement virtually all brands and styles of commercial microwave ovens!