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Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial Chest Freezers

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Commercial Chest Freezers

Store all the frozen goods in an energy-efficient chest freezer

Beautifully organize and display the frozen merchandise on a heavy-duty chest freezer! Excellent presentation and accessibility of the frozen merchandise are effective methods in boosting impulse sales. The commercial chest freezer can provide both with the additional assurance to keep all the perishable merchandise at a safe temperature. The chest freezer, others called it the deep freezer, we carry mostly feature an all-stainless-steel exterior for long-term durability. This material also boasts a strong resistance to temperatures, corrosion, and impact. It is practically indestructible which is advantageous for commercial operation. But we also offer other brands that are made with a combination of stainless and galvanized steel for optimal durability. Thanks to the sleek texture of the materials, cleaning them becomes easier!

Place it on any location and be assured the deep freezers will stand out. Simply because they are all finished with a stunning color coating. The white powder is the popular color coating applied because it promotes a clean and hygienic appearance. But nothing can go wrong with a black deep freezer! It easily complements all types of furniture and décor. Other colors available are determined by the brand. Enjoy filling the goods inside the chest freezer because they are built with a capacity of 3 to 32 cubic feet. Space wouldn’t be an issue as well because each unit can be built compact or full-width.

The barrel-style merchandiser freezer is one type of compact unit. From the name itself, it features a cylindrical shape body that is completed with a flip glass door on top. This door allows the customers to easily access the frozen goods from any side. The interior has a standard four sections to neatly separate different types of goods. For the full-width chest freezers, they are built with a rectangular body that can be built with a glass or solid door on top. A drain is always included for quick flushing of water during defrosting. All the commercial chest freezers we supply are equipped with high-density insulation to assure optimal temperature retention.

The superb freezing temperatures of the commercial chest freezers come from their energy-efficient refrigeration system. It uses an eco-friendly refrigerant to allow the units to stay cold longer without consuming too much energy. The best part of it, this feature can stay cold for long hours even without power. This is beneficial during a power outage. There are more incredible features for the commercial chest freezer. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection! The compatible parts and accessories per brand model are also offered.