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Commercial Broiler and Upright Broiler

Commercial Broiler and Upright Broiler

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Commercial Broilers

Get a heavy-duty upright broiler and cook scrumptious dishes without sacrificing quality floor space

Commercial broilers are the best cooking equipment to use in producing an array of great-tasting dishes! We offer an extensive selection of commercial broilers that are built with utmost versatility. From simple to the most intricate recipe, they assure to deliver excellent results in every use. For foodservice operations that regularly caters to a large number of guests, the upright broiler is the best type to get! They are also popularly known as the deck-type broiler. This type of commercial broiler is guaranteed handy in any kitchen because it is engineered to cook and produce high-volumes of food products in a short period. Though it satisfactorily cuts down the production time, it never compromises the food’s quality. This makes satisfying the guests with great food service and dining experience easier!

The fast-cooking ability of the upright broiler is well-delivered by furnishing its space-efficient unit with a single or multiple spacious cooking decks. Not only this accommodates a higher volume of food to cook, but also allows the staff to cook different dishes at the same time. Place all the food products inside the cooking deck and the heating elements will generate intense heat. The heating elements come in different types where each can add a distinct flavor to the food. The upright broilers and other types of commercial broilers can be operated in gas – natural or propane.

All the commercial broilers we supply boast exceptional durability. Stainless steel is a popular material choice due to its practical indestructibility and strong resistance to impact and corrosion. Other materials used are determined by the brand. For added convenience, we also carry a great selection of spare parts and accessories that guarantee to boost the broiler’s functions. To learn more about our commercial broiler offerings, browse our catalog now!