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Coffee Chafer Urn

Coffee Chafer Urn

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Coffee Chafer Urns

Keep coffee hot and fresh while on display with a classic coffee urn

Dispense warm coffee for customers and guests using presentable and reliable coffee chafer urns! A coffee urn is commonly used by restaurants, hotels, and other establishments to serve hot coffee. Each unit is designed with insulated walls to keep liquids warm for long periods. Also, it features a faucet to dispense coffee with ease. Not only that, but it is available in varying capacities as well. A large coffee urn can serve up to 100 people in one refill. We also have smaller models for small to medium-sized occasions. It is a better and more convenient alternative to coffee pitchers.

A commercial coffee urn also presents a decorative exterior. We offer coffee chafer urns with various designs to accommodate different settings. Get a stainless-steel coffee urn for a simple but versatile look that is ideal for formal events. Meanwhile, coffee chafers with other finishes, such as black, copper, and chrome, are better choices for a personalized appeal. Our selection includes electrically-operated coffee chafers. We also have models designed to operate with an external heat source.

Provide better coffee service with a new coffee urn! Browse through our catalog now to see our full collection.