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Cheese Buttons and Cheese Knives

Cheese Buttons and Cheese Knives

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Cheese Knives and Cheese Buttons

Use the proper cutting tools to deliver excellent results in every slice

Create the perfect cheese platter per guest by adding a variety of perfectly cut cheeses. Get the right tool now to achieve any cut style desired! Properly cutting the cheese is essential to maintain portion control and cutting back on waste. The key to performing every cut right the first time is using the appropriate cheese cutting tools. We have a huge selection of cheese knives that can either be forged or stamped using high-quality materials. Stainless steel is the popular choice of material because it is sanitary and possesses impeccable durability. Other brands further improved it by using steel with a higher grade or contains high carbon properties. Both provide extreme hardness and resistance to staining and rusts. Our collection also includes wooden cheese knives.

The cheese knives we offer are fashioned with an ultra-sharp blade and an ergonomic handle. Each of the blade’s shapes and edge styles is designed for a specific function or type of cheese to slice. A sharp blade with multiple sizes of holes in it is ideal for cutting soft cheeses like brie and mozzarella. For hard cheeses, the general cutting tool to use is a long sharp blade with one or two handles. We also offer specialized hard cheese knives like a parmesan knife that features a stubby blade with a long edge and a razor-sharp pointed tip. A wider and cleaver-like blade with a long, sharp edge is the ideal cheese knife to get for cheddar.

Knives are indeed making the cutting of freshly-made cheeses quickly and efficient. Make it even simpler, sanitary, and safer by using a cheese button. This is fashioned with a large-sized knob-style handle, and a round, flat base that comes with 3 prongs. Stick the prongs to any cheese and it assures to securely hold it while slicing or carrying it from storage to the prep table. It is also featuring an all-metal construction for longevity. Browse our catalog now to know more about our offers and the complete selection of cheese knives and cheese buttons!