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Candy Slicers

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Candy Slicer

Get our best candy cutter to make a precise, clean cut on the candies

In candy making, it's important to create an equal serving size for each candy recipe. Deliver it easily with the help of a candy slicer! We carry a wide range of professional candy slicer designed to make uniform slices in every use. Unlike with the traditional candy cutters, this tool is durably built with a base and cutting frame. This design eliminates the need of moving the candy products while cutting them. The base is commonly constructed of polyethylene and ABS plastic. For ease of cleaning, the base is made dishwasher-safe. While the cutting frame is made of stainless steel.

The cutting frame is usually completed with a set of wire keys, stainless steel turning plate, clamp key, and an ergonomic handle. The wire keys come in a variety of spacing for cutting precision. As standard, the candy slicer is available with one cutting frame. This is ideal to use for operation with light-volume production. For high-volume production, we offer candy slicers that feature two cutting frames. Both model units can easily place either on a counter or tabletop with a level and stable surface.

The exact features included per candy slicer is always determined by the brand. Browse our catalog now and see our complete selection! We also carry the compatible parts and accessories from various brands.