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Bread Slicer

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Commercial Bread Slicers

Consistently make a uniform cut of breads with a high-end bread slicing machine

Equip the operation with a professional bread slicer to quickly cut high-volume of bread loaves daily. With the right set of cutlery sets, the staff can create accurate and uniform cuts on bread. But for high-volume bread cutting, it is recommended to use a heavy-duty bread slicing machine. We carry a wide range of commercial bread slicers that are manufactured with a freestanding and countertop unit. Each unit is fashioned with a handle to allow the staff to safely place the loaf onto the machine. Upon release, the motor will automatically start then stops the blade when the slicing is completed.

The countertop bread slicer is the best type to add in the operation with limited floor space. Typically, they have a stainless-steel construction for long-lasting use. A safety system is also available to prevent injuries. For the freestanding bread slicer, they are heavily constructed and mostly equipped with a crumb drawer and bagging device. For mobility, a few of the bread slicing machines are available with a set of casters on. These casters allow the staff to move it for maintenance and cleaning purposes. They are also furnished with locks to maintain stability when immobile.

The exact features of the bread slicers are determined by the brand. Check our catalog now to know more about our complete selections of bread slicing machines including their unique features. All the bread slicers available are powered either by electric or gas.