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Cheese Cutters and Slicers

Cheese Cutters and Slicers

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Cheese Slicers and Cheese Cutters

Slice the bulk cheeses into several bite-size pieces in seconds using the right type of cheese cutting tools

The cutting style has an impact on cheese flavor, shape, and texture. Make sure to perform it professionally by pairing it with its dedicated cheese slicer! We have a large selection of commercial cheese cutting tools where each is designed with a unique cutting style. This is delivered by equipping the cheese slicer and cutter with durable and sharp cutting wire. The cutting wire can be built in a tabletop unit. The standard tabletop units are completed with a solid base and a slicing arm. They usually feature an all-metal construction for long-lasting performance and stability. The slicing arm contains the ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable grip and cutting wires. The number of cutting wires included varying on the brand.

A cheese blocker is an ideal cutting tool to use and it features a bow-style handle with one cutting wire. In one easy slicing action, it can deliver a precise straight, even cut. A cutting guide is often added to avoid guesswork. Cut several cube pieces of cheese by getting the cheese cutter that comes with four or more cutting wire. This type of tabletop cutting tool is fashioned with a flat or V-shaped cutting platform at the center of the unit. The spacing of the cutting wires will determine the exact thickness of cheese per slice.

Portability is the main advantage of the handheld cheese slicer and cutter. The cheese plane is the basic type owned in a commercial kitchen and it is great for slicing thin pieces of semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses. The cutting plane features a spatula-like shape with a sharp blade slit. Not all cheeses are best served with a perfect cut. There are a few that reveal their incredible flavor when scraped. For this reason, we offer a wide range of cheese scraper that is built with a solid wooden base, stainless-steel axle, and a lever handle. Turn the lever into circular motion to gently scrape the cheeses and create attractive rosette shapes.

There are more types of cheese slicers and cheese cutters available in our catalog. View it now and explore all options!