{"config":[],"description":"<p><b>Bolts for Commercial Equipment</b></p>\n\n<p>Tighten the attachment of any equipment on their mounting structure using their proper set of threaded fasteners</p>\n\n<p>Get the right type of bolts to professionally connect and fasten the commercial equipment to any stable and sturdy structures! \n\nThe bolts may seem to be basic hardware, but they play an important role in the security and stability of commercial equipment. This is a type of threaded fastener that is known for possessing the best holding strength. Whether the equipment needs to be connected to metal, wood, or concrete structures, the bolts can deliver the job right! The key to a successful connection is getting the right type. The type will also specify its exact application. We make it easy to find as we carry a wide range of bolts that come in different shapes, dimensions, and thread density. Materials are important too because this will specify their strength and longevity.</p>\n\n<p>Most of the bolts we carry for the commercial equipment is stainless steel. This is the strongest and most durable, guaranteeing the bolt can last for long years. Medium to heavyweight of loads, the stainless-steel bolts assured to endure it all without fracture. They can also withstand a various range of low and high temperatures. Bronze is another great material used for the bolt's construction. They are known for having high corrosion resistance which is ideal for wet applications. Metal is a traditional material choice. But we also carry modern-designed bolts that are made of nylon. This is a type of plastic that features a lightweight body.</p>\n\n<p>Just like with the metal, the nylon bolt has superior resistance to corrosion and strength. It's a plus that it also possesses excellent electric insulating and thermal properties. For the finishing touch, all the bolts we supply are applied with a special finish. Depending on the brand, but most of the finishing enhances the bolt's strength, resistance to various environmental elements, functions, or appearance. Apart from the materials, the bolt’s strength can be determined by its unique markings. The carriage bolts are the perfect type to use for attaching any metal to wood. It has a smooth, dome-shaped head with a ribbed or square undercut. Once the carriage bolts are fully tightened, the undercut will prevent it from turning. The primary body of this bolt is fully threaded.</p>\n\n<p>The eye bolts are another great addition to commercial equipment that is engineered for lifting applications. It has a rod-shaped body with a closed, or partially close, loop on one end and threads on the other. The best thing about this type of bolts is their ability to adapt to the environmental conditions of the commercial establishment. A few of the eye bolts we carry are suitable to use in low-temperature operations. There are more functions it can fulfill and this will be determined on their material and finishes. Browse our catalog now to know more about our offerings for the commercial equipment bolts!</p>","detail_messages":[],"faceted_search_enabled":true,"facets":[{"display":"multi","facet":"Manufacturer","has_more_results":false,"is_product_option":true,"items":[],"items_count":10,"partial":"multi","selected":false,"show_more_toggle":false,"show_product_counts":true,"sort_order":"alphabetically","start_collapsed":false,"title":"Manufacturer","total_items":0,"type":"term","visible":true}],"id":4335,"image":null,"meta":[],"name":"Bolts","products":[],"search_error":false,"selected":{"items":[],"remove_all_url":""},"show_compare":1,"state":[],"subcategories":[],"total_products":0,"url":"https://www.culinarydepotinc.com/bolts/"}
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