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Storage Shelving Casters

Make the storage shelves mobile by adding its compatible caster wheels

Raise the storage shelves from the ground with versatile casters and keep the contaminants away from the stored products. Adding mobility to the storage shelves is a good method to enhance the food safety and productivity of the operation. The key is to get the right type of caster to ensure it can perform the functionality needed. No need to look elsewhere because we carry a large selection of casters exclusively designed for shelving units! For storage shelves that consistently holding medium to higher load capacity, approximately 2,000 pounds or more, the plate casters are the recommended type to get. It is usually built with a top plate drilled with bolt holes. There are four bolt holes made and they usually feature either a straight or slotted pattern to simplify the mounting.

Stem casters are another great type to mount on storage shelves with narrow posts. For proper and easy mounting, its frame is built with a round or square-shaped stem. Moving fragile items requires to be handled with extra caution. Pneumatic casters are the ideal type to add because it is designed for low-speed movability. It's a plus that it is often added with abilities such as efficiently absorb shock and quiet rolling operation. Both the frames of the stem, pneumatic, and plate casters are made of metal for long-term durability and resistance to corrosion. Bolts and screws are also included to securely hold the wheels.

The caster wheels available in our catalog come in an assortment of materials. This is important to consider because the materials determine their longevity. Not to mention its ability to withstand the environmental condition of the establishment it will be used on. Polyurethane and rubbers are popular materials used because they have excellent floor protection, noise reduction, traction, and grip. They are both advantageous indoors. For uneven and rougher floor surface, the pneumatic wheels are the ideal to get. This is specifically made from heavy and hard rubber to provide it a puncture-proof and shock-absorbed exterior.

All caster wheels are available in different sizes and styles (swivel and rigid). The sizes are essential to consider as this will determine the height that the storage shelves will be raised. To know more about our offers and selections, browse our catalog now!