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Bearings and Bushings

Bearings and Bushings

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Bearings and Bushings

Stock up the proper spare parts of the food processing equipment to maintain their superior performance

Ensure all the commercial equipment are in tip-top shape for them to remain hygienic and safe to use. For damaged parts, replace them only with their direct replacement part! We carry a wide range of OEM parts, and equivalent, designed for food processing equipment. This is intended to guarantee they can complete the equipment’s function while keeping their warranties protected. All the materials used for constructing the parts body or housing are expertly handpicked. Most of the materials chosen are metal because it is practically indestructible. This is a true advantage as it can better withstand extreme environmental conditions. On top of that, it has a strong resistance to corrosion, impact, and various temperature ranges (low and high). It's a big plus factor that they are low maintenance as well. All the spare parts we offer are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Bearings are one of the equipment parts available in our catalog. Stainless steel is the standard type of metal used for its construction. Additional nickel or chrome plating is usually added to achieve optimal protection against corrosion. Plain, deep-groove, and radial are a few of the popular designs available for the bearing. Friction is commonly occurred on commercial equipment with rotating or sliding components. The bearing's primary purpose is to maintain this component's correct position and smooth operation by lessening the friction caused between the rotating/sliding component and all the components that support this operation. The bearing is commonly added to baking equipment. But it also works wonders in other food processing equipment with cold and wet environments.

Another essential part of the food processing equipment is the bushing. Just like with the bearings, this spare part also prevents friction to occur between two components that operate in relative motion. When successfully delivered its function, the commercial equipment will seamlessly operate without consuming too much energy. Not to mention, it can prevent tear and wear, and reduce noise and vibration. The great advantage of these equipment parts is, they are not limited to sliding and rotating motion. Other types of motion are also supported.

The exact features and designs included in the bearings and bushings are always determined by the brand. Discover them all now by viewing our catalog!